Web Performance Test

  • Validates the application’s responsiveness, throughput, reliability & stability.
  • A stress test puts demands on a system to determine behavior under varying levels of load, identify bottlenecks, and validate expected performance.

IT Development Strategic Outsourcing

  • Provides an alternative to gain higher efficiencies and productivity out of employing mainstream IT and digital technology staff beyond the traditional staffing models. 
  • Provides professional full time dedicated remote staff (offshore) who report directly to you daily.  The offshore team can strengthen your IT development power with flexibility.

Web Design & Development

100% Responsive Layout

Fluid layout to fit in every device from 27 inches to 3.5 inches screen size.

Fast Innovation

We know the latest tech and design trend that suit you. We will make you stand out, if you dare.

Visual Appealing

Help your brand to stand out. Impress your audience and be remembered.

SEO Ready

We know how to make you climb up in the Google Search result ladder and minimize your SEM cost.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Marketing

Mobile age is here. Don't lose this battle and deliver an interactive experience to your audiences on their devices.

Location Aware

Detect your users' location and deliver your services

Push Notification

Allow you to prompt your audience for latest updates.

Cross Platform

Whether it's iOS or Android, even Windows Phone, we got you.

System Development

Inspection System

Building maintenance, tracking of conditions, staffs.

Booking System

Booking of facilities, event venues or entities which need to be reserved.

Web Application

Web-based application accessible from anywhere with internet connection.

Customized System

System tailored to your needs.